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CERION GmbH, Minden

The Cerion GmbH develops 3D laser, 3D laser engraving or 3D laser systems at the highest level. Produce with the 3D laser systems of Cerion 3D glass photos, 3D portraits in crystal. Laser systems for 3D laser engraving for custom promotional products. 3D scanners, software for 3D scanning and 3D laser by Cerion, your contact for 3D laser, laser engraving and complete laser systems.

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It seems like magic when you add subsurface engraving to the crystal glass with a Cerion laser systems. Quite noiselessly with only a tiny spark in the glass you are able to create a unique laser crystal from a piece of crystal glass using the beam of the laser. Like this you create a custom 3D laser image or also a 3D laser photograph. Cerion has been the specialist for laser processing of glass since more than 10 years and offers everything you need for this application.

Utilise our 3D camera c-cam in connection with our laser systems and produce 3D portraits inside the glass. Benefit from our know-how and experience! Cerion is a leading supplier for machinery / software and customer solutions for laser processing of glass. As innovative company in this market we are headquartered in Minden/Germany. From here we supply our customers worldwide. Cerion not only offers high-quality laser machines but also practical accessories. With the 3D camera c-cam and 3D image processing software crystalab pro you can receive everything from a single source through Cerion. Our products are optimally coordinated and in case of questions you will find a competent contact partner.
Webdesign by elf42

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